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Knoth’s BBQ Sauce (Mild)


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The Sauce made Knoth’s BBQ in Grand Rivers, KY.

About Knoth’s BBQ:

Hugh Knoth owns and runs the barbecue restaurant that his parents opened in 1965. Located in the Southwestern Kentucky town of Grand Rivers, Knoth’s is situated between Kentucky and Barkley Lakes, both popular vacation destinations. Business booms in the summer, catering to travelers who crave Knoth’s simple menu offerings. Hugh believes in doing a few things well as opposed to offering a little bit of everything. To that end, he focuses on pork shoulders doused in a tart, orangey sauce that’s heavy on the cider vinegar. After a devastating fire in 1992, Knoth’s moved from its original building to its current location in a former seafood joint. To be cautious, Hugh built the pits in a separate building, and it’s been smooth smoking ever since.

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